First of all, welcome to our website, if you are here, you probably know Bitcoin and want to make a lot, and fast. If that's your goal, then you are at the good place. We scoured the internet for different ways of gaining BTCs ( Bitcoins) and have individually tested each of the links you will see. You can rest assured, we picked only the best ones and removed the ones from which no payments are received. Well then, enough talking ! Let's get to work and win those BTCs.
Rugatu is one of our personal favorite, since it is easy and can earn a lot of BTCs. All you have to do is choose a question, answer and if your answer is voted the best, you earn a reward that the OP pre-determined.
Bunny Run is a fast and effective way to gain BTCs. All you have to do is choose a rabbit and see if it wins the race.
Bitcoin Captcha is fast and easy. You get paid for every captcha you re-write successfully. The only downside is that it may take a while to get paid if they don't have enough funds.
Bitcoin4You is easy and can net a good amount of BTCs if invested enough time. The objective here is to see ads and wait some minutes before going to the other one. You get paid after each ad.
Forbitcoin is a fun and useful way to get paid. You only say what you'd do for X number of Bitcoins and if someone want to pay you for your service, you only need to take an arrangement with him/her.
Bitcrate is only a guessing game where you see boxes and you choose one. Every crates give money, the reward is different for each one though. The downfall is that you can only do it once every day.
BitVisitor is exactly like it's counter-part Bitcoin4You. The only difference here is that you must wait a little longer.
CoinAd is only about filling the required informations ( wallet address and captcha) to get your reward. You can only claim once per hour, and the reward change with each hour.
Daily Bitcoins is exactly like CoinAd, except you can foresee what time gives what reward.
Free Bitcoins is a faucet filled with donations. You only need to sign in with your gmail and you will receive a one-time payout. The reason it exists is to help newcomers to understand how the system works. **CURRENTLY OFFLINE** -Might want to check often.
Bitcoin Addict is another faucet, except this one can be claimed once everyday.
Minefield is actually a luck-based Minesweeper where you bet and win X times your bet.
FeedZeBirds is actually pretty easy. They pay you for each Tweet you re-Tweet. Couldn't be any simpler.
These websites are free bitcoins earned almost effortlessly and are an active way to gain money. There's also another way for getting continuous BTCs without any effort of your part, after being setup correctly. It is called mining. For now I won't explain it here, but as soon as possible you will find everything to need to mine Bitcoins, from the basics to understanding what it actually does. Eventually I will also write on how to mine faster and about mining rigs.
Well, that's it for now. If you know any link we should mention here, feel free to tell us. The same applies if a change occurs on any of the aforementioned websites thats we should be aware of. If you liked our help and want to contribute, we accept donations at this address 18rtvvQyNEW6p1VCjM82gUj13WL9pcFSPE

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